LIVE NOW ! - 68th FIFA Congress 2018

  • Ajoutée:  Vendredi 8 juin 2018
  • Follow the congress LIVE on FIFA on YouTube !
    The Congress will take place at the Expocentre in Moscow on Wednesday, 13 June 2018 at 9.10am local time.
    The agenda for the 68th FIFA Congress is now available on :
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  • Chakir Casablanca

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  • Chakir Casablanca

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    MATHEW TEMAR  6 days ago


  • aryan jones
    aryan jones  8 days ago

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  • aryan jones
    aryan jones  8 days ago

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  • Zekhokense Kensezekho

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  • رابطة نادي الهلال الملكي السعودي

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  • Don't Read My Profile Picture

    Someone will find this comment one day

  • soufiane hamam
    soufiane hamam  9 days ago

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  • Mon Mohon Singha
    Mon Mohon Singha  9 days ago

    where is the match/ why i can't able to watch.......

  • Mon Mohon Singha
    Mon Mohon Singha  9 days ago

    is it live

  • maku gx
    maku gx  10 days ago

    THe need to mention all the nations "present" >_>

  • Bruno
    Bruno  10 days ago


  • Steve Shijun Wong
    Steve Shijun Wong  10 days ago

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  • Hosein Naiiery
    Hosein Naiiery  10 days ago

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  • sOmAyEh sOlAt
    sOmAyEh sOlAt  10 days ago


  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark  10 days ago


  • reza khodabakhshi
    reza khodabakhshi  10 days ago

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  • abolfazl heydari
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  • Omid M
    Omid M  10 days ago